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Office Hack #2 — The Wall Of Lego

This company has completely “rethought” what can be done with a boring, old office wall.
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Office Hack #2 — The Wall Of Lego

Envoy is all about making things easier and more fun in the office. In that spirit, we are proud to bring you our new Envoy Office Hacks podcast series. Every week, we deliver the coolest, most ingenious, and just plain fun fixes people have invented to improve efficiency and productivity in their workplace.

When it comes to creating a cool office space, what you put on your walls matters more than you think.

Meet a company that definitely lives up to their name. Rethink Communications has completely “rethought” what can be done with a boring, old office wall.

This is the Wall of LEGO:

It is a sight to behold and even more fun to contribute to.

So you know those big, flat, green pieces of LEGO that you put on the floor and use as a base to build on? These things:

They got a whole bunch of them… and they glued them to a wall. And then they got as much used Lego as they could find and dumped it into a big plastic cube in the middle of the room.

Instant art project.

The result is instantly impressive. The more Lego-building that takes place on the wall, the more it becomes 3-D, literally popping out into the room.

Tom Shepansky, one of the co-founders of Rethink, explains why they created it:

An office of creativity should have different ways of expressing that creativity. We’ve got a lot of designers, art directors who have a creative way of expressing themselves.It evolves. And it grows. And it emerges. Which is what’s kind of fun about it.

The staff at Rethink clearly love the Lego wall. The art on display ranges from Lego graffiti tags to country flags, and from rainbows to the Vancouver Canucks hockey logo:

Did we mention that Tom is Canadian?

The Wall of Lego isn’t all about fun and play, though. It also sends a powerful message that Rethink doesn’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk. (And they Lego the Lego…)

Everyone in our world says they want to be a creative company, right? So we hope that a lot of the actions that we take and the things that we do represent that we’re not just talking about being a creative company, but that we are BEING a creative company.

Based on our Wall of Lego visit, there are clearly NO concerns about creativity at Rethink.

How to hack it

If you’d like to build something creative that lets your staff building something creative, here’s how to make your own Wall of Lego:


  • Green Lego base units + massive amount of used Lego — $100
  • Transparent cube / table / Lego storage device — $35
  • Glue — $15
  • Total cost — approx. $150


  • Glue green Lego base units to your wall
  • Dump all other Lego pieces in transparent cube / table
  • Let ‘er rip

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