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Introducing new benefits for developers and technology partners

Today, we’re announcing even more tools that put customers in control and enable them to build, connect, and automate their workplace as they reinvent the on-site experience.

Chris Morris
By Chris Morris Product Manager

Companies around the world are reinventing their workplaces for hybrid work. To thrive in this new age of work, you’ll need to quickly respond and adapt to changes in your environment, implement new policies or procedures, and leverage new technology to help your team work faster and more efficiently. 

Thousands of companies are using Envoy’s workplace platform and hybrid work solutions to make the transition back to a more flexible workplace easier. Today, we’re announcing even more tools that put customers in control and enable them to build, connect, and automate their workplace as they reinvent the on-site experience.

For developers and customers wanting to build on and customize Envoy, we’re inviting you to access the Envoy Developer Platform: a suite of tools and resources to create apps, hardware, and integrations that help workplaces work better. For technology companies, app developers, and device makers, we’re announcing a new Technology Partner Program to help workplaces innovate, connect, and customize their workplace for the future of work. This way, every company can tailor the workplace experience exactly how they need—and partners can grow their businesses by supporting those companies as they do so.

Introducing: Envoy’s Developer Platform

As workplaces evolve, companies are relying on innovations to pave the way. New technologies—and technology used in new ways—are going to be essential to create experiences that meet the demands of a hybrid workforce. 

Today, we are making the same tools that our developers use to build apps that help customers run their workplace available for anyone to use—for free. Envoy’s Developer Platform hosts a suite of tools and resources to help you create apps, hardware, and integrations to make workplaces work better. 

When you sign up for the developer platform, you get access to:

  • REST APIs and webhooks for Visitors, Protect, and Desks
  • SDKs and sample applications
  • Guides and tutorials for building your own integration
  • Envoy’s integration builder

This year alone, Envoy customers have used those tools to build hundreds of new apps to help run their hybrid workplace. Here are just a few examples of what customers have built with Envoy’s Developer Platform:

  • Provide a human touch to unmanned reception areas. Say hello to visitors when they sign in to the Envoy Kiosk using a virtual assistant powered by Alexa’s voice services.
  • Automatically notify your cleaning crew which desks should be cleaned. Create a ticket in your ticketing portal, send a notification, or generate a daily report for your cleaning staff with the details of which desks should be cleaned based on desk occupancy.
  • Use digital displays to help employees find their desk and book desks ad-hoc. Power digital signage like TVs, interactive kiosks, and displays with real-time desk data from Envoy to help employees reserve a desk, find their seat, and see where coworkers are sitting.

An app to build apps: Envoy’s integration builder

Building new technologies isn’t easy. It often takes years of coding knowledge, access to developer tools and services, and lots of time. With Envoy’s integration builder, you can easily build an app without the hassle. We took our learnings from building apps for Envoy customers and built an app to help you build apps. That’s right, we built an app that builds apps. We simplified the mundane and made it so you can build apps that would normally take weeks or months to code in minutes and with just a few clicks.    

Once you build on Envoy, it’s up to you if you want to keep the app private for your company or share it with the world. You can submit your app to be listed on Envoy’s integration directory so that workplaces around the globe can discover, install, and reap the benefits of your innovation. 

Grow your business with Envoy’s Technology Partner Program

For those who want to do even more with Envoy, we’re now offering a technology partner program that enables you to unlock revenue-generating opportunities. This program offers a suite of benefits when you build an app to generate leads, drive revenue, and retain customers—all while working closely with Envoy.

Partnerships are a key element of Envoy’s workplace platform. To date, we have 150+ partners and 80+ integrations that help to transform workplaces around the world. Our partner’s apps and services are able to reach tens of thousands of customers and over 45 million users who rely on Envoy to keep their workplace running. 

With this new partner program, you can leverage the power, reach, and resources of Envoy to better serve businesses around the world. Find your fit among the three tiers of commercial benefits that include different levels of technical support, sales activities, marketing opportunities, resources, account management, and community support. Visit the Technology Partner Program portal to learn more and get started growing your business with Envoy today.

Ready to build on Envoy? Sign up for Envoy’s Developer platform today

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