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Return-to-work integrations powering the connected hybrid workplace

Helen Irias
By Helen Irias Product Marketer

Without the right technology in place, the road to hybrid work will be bumpy. That’s why thousands of companies use Envoy’s integrated platform to connect the people and systems that make up the hybrid workplace. If you haven’t already, take your workplace to the next level and extend Envoy’s functionality with our out-of-the-box integrations.

Reopen safely and confidently

As excited as we are to work face-to-face again, 66% of employees worry about what that could mean for their health and safety. They expect workplaces to have measures in place protecting them from illness. Companies like Udacity use Envoy’s Flir integration to add contactless fever detection into the visitor sign-in process. And for the 62% of people who want their employers to mandate vaccines, Envoy’s Bindle integration can turn vaccine passports into entry passes. These are just a few of the many health and safety solutions available in Envoy’s integration directory.

Create a people-centric workplace

With hybrid work comes hybrid HR and recruiting strategies. Employees have heightened expectations for workplace flexibility. This puts more pressure on employers to win top talent. People teams need ways to both retain current employees and attract new ones. They’re challenged with turning on-site work into an enjoyable perk, not an inconvenient obligation. It’s the seemingly simple details that set great workplaces apart. Is it easy for people to get to work? Are they able to grab a convenient lunch, even on busy days? Companies like Netflix use Envoy’s ADPMi integration to automate parking passes upon check in. Envoy also integrates with, enabling flexible meal orders based on daily workplace occupancy.

When it comes to new talent, LinkedIn research reports 70% of recruiting professionals think a hiring process combining virtual and in-person elements will become the norm. In most cases this will mean conducting virtual screenings to narrow the pool, then inviting only the top candidates to meet in-person. This means that more so than ever, the on-site interview is a critically decisive moment for both sides. Streamline the interview process with recruiting integrations like Greenhouse that automatically create invites through Envoy when an on-site interview is scheduled. Make a fantastic first impression on candidates by demonstrating your fantastic workplace experience from the first “Hello”. 

Fuel hybrid productivity

A flexible hybrid workplace includes the home offices, co-working spaces, and coffee shops where employees do their work. Succeeding in this landscape requires seamless communication between people and technology, across all work locations. Effectively managing your hybrid workforce means meeting employees where they already are. Envoy’s integrations with workplace collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams notify teams about workplace activity. For example, NVIDIA uses Envoy’s Slack integration to alert hosts when their visitors check in. Companies also leverage this integration to let employees add their work location to their Slack status. They can let coworkers know when they’re on-site, and even which desk they’re seated at.

Of course, sometimes location isn’t just nice-to-know. It’s critical. Inconsistent attendance makes it difficult to coordinate in-person meetings within your company. And it’s even harder when it comes to client and vendor meetings. That’s why many workplaces use Envoy’s scheduling integrations to power in-person collaboration in a hybrid environment.  Envoy’s Slack integration is useful here, too. It lets employees share their work location in their Slack status. They can even share which desk they’re seated at for the day. Automatically invite visitors via Envoy when a meeting is booked through EMS. Or book a room with Envoy’s Chargifi integration while giving your mobile device some extra juice. 

Connect more systems without coding

Our integration directory grows larger every month thanks to our technology partners and Developer Platform. Is your workplace using a tool that you’d like to connect with Envoy? You don’t have to be a code wiz to build the integration you need. Envoy’s Zapier integration makes it easy for anyone to connect Envoy with thousands of apps, no coding required. 

Envoy’s Integration Directory lets you automate more workplace functions from your Envoy dashboard without any extra work. The best part? You can get new integrations up and running in minutes. See for yourself, and check out our Help Center for more information about setting up or using integrations.

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Helen Irias
Author Bio Helen Irias

Helen is a marketer at Envoy who loves helping customers create great experiences throughout the workplace and discover new features to make their lives easier. Outside of work, you can find Helen knitting oddly-sized blankets, going to hot yoga at the crack of dawn, or finding new hiking spots with her Frenchie.