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Your invitation to a healthy, productive 2022

Learn how to welcome visitors back safely in the near year with these tips.

Why give your workplace the gift of automated delivery management this holiday season

Find out how to make sure deliveries to the workplace are a breeze—not a headache—during the holidays.

Managing the new normal: how to make hybrid work for employees

Envoy employee Kaitlin Finegan recently swapped her full-time remote schedule for a hybrid one. Here’s what she learned.

Meet 3 HR leaders guiding their organizations to a hybrid work future

I recently wrote about three workplace leaders inspiring the future of work. As we think about how the pandemic has…

Employees say workplace health and safety remains top of mind as they return

Yes, the vaccine rollout has been underway for a while. However, the majority of employees (87%) say they’re still worried…

Keep up with the latest workplace insights

Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

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Employees expect an even better workplace experience when they return

In a survey of 1,000 recently returned employees, we learned that nearly every employee (95%) has experienced advantages from being in the workplace.

Recent survey shows that people want to be in the workplace more than before

Get your notepads out because these return-to-work stats are worth jotting down. In a recent survey we conducted with Wakefield…

Bringing your people back to the workplace? Get tips from the experts

Companies are welcoming their people back to the workplace. Curious about the challenges and opportunities of returning? So were we!…