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What is workplace experience and why is it important?

Learn how workplace leaders can create a great workplace experience to drive better business outcomes.

4 ways to foster alignment on your global workplace strategy

To move your workplace strategy forward, you need cross-functional alignment and a flexible change management plan.

This is how to scale your workplace strategy across offices

To scale your workplace efforts your team, starting from the very top, needs to align on strategy and have an “all-in” approach to executing it.

Here’s how to define your workplace strategy in 5 steps

Opening and managing workplaces around the globe is as exciting as it is complicated. As the people, buildings, and programs…

9 popular back to work questions answered

Nicole Persaud, Head of Safety and Security at Samsara, answers popular return to work questions and provides insights on how to reopen the office during a global pandemic.

Practical Workplace Tech: How to communicate reopening plans to employees

Here’s how Envoy handled employee communications around returning to the office during the coronavirus pandemic.

Practical workplace tech: How to reopen the office

Like every other workplace, we are trying to figure out when, and how, we can return to the office safely. Here’s our plan.

Okta, Buzzfeed, and Envoy Talk Return to the Workplace

Industry leaders at Okta, Buzzfeed, and Envoy talk about their plans to return to the workplace. See the highlights and watch the recording.

Envoy is committed to building for safe workplace re-openings

Building the safe workplace and helping with office re-openings is now Envoy’s #1 priority. Envoy will be here to help you navigate the return back and do it as safely as possible.