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How hybrid work elevates the workplace experience manager’s role

Workplace experience managers wear many hats. We’ll go over the ones that are most important in a hybrid work environment and how to lean into these areas of responsibility.

3 reasons employee personas are a must-have tool for workplace teams

There’s a key to developing a people-centric workplace experience: employee personas. Learn how your workplace team can use personas to tailor your workplace to your people.

Worried about capacity? 87% of workplaces are nowhere near their limits

In a new study, we analyzed over 20 million workplace entries over the past year. Check out return-to-work trends and learn how close organizations are to reaching their workplace capacities.

7 ways to help your employees be more productive at work

The workplace should be a center for people to move their work forward. Here’s how to unblock your people from the stuff that prevents them from churning out their best work.

3 ways hybrid work is changing the workplace experience

Learn how hybrid work changes the workplace experience, as well as how your team can keep people engaged, productive, and encouraged to go into the workplace.

Here’s how to get real, unfiltered feedback on your workplace experience

In this post, we’ll show you how to get feedback on your workplace experience that’ll help your team design an experience that engages, supports, and retains your people.

Hybrid work: what it is and why nearly half of employees want it

In this post, we’ll explore what it means to have a hybrid work model and the steps your workplace team can take to transition smoothly to one.

Envoy survey finds employees want companies to embrace hybrid work and mandate COVID vaccines

We surveyed 1,000 workers to understand how the workplace experience needs to change.

How to improve the workplace experience for hybrid work

Companies need to re-architect the workplace experience for flexible work. Here are the three areas they should lean into to be successful.