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Practical workplace tech: Tips to elevate your workplace environment

The new workplace must consider the hybrid work of on-site teams, distributed employees, and transient remote workers. Read these practical tech tips to elevate your work environment.

The workplace leader’s guide to touchless technology

This guide explores touchless technology and how you can incorporate it into your workplace to create a safe and productive environment for everyone.

The must-have meeting management checklist

Employees are attending more meetings than ever before, collectively spending over 400 hours per year in meetings. Read best practices for better room booking and meeting management.

The workplace experience blueprint for Gen Z––and every employee

For the first time in history, five generations are inhabiting the contemporary workplace. Gen Z will soon make up the majority of your workforce––are you and your workplace ready?

The workplace of the future: Human happiness and high-tech spaces

Predicting the future of the workplace—based on innovations in technology and newly emerging work styles—is a huge challenge. It’s also hugely exciting.

Keep up with the latest workplace insights

Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

Stay up to date

Why diversity, equity & belonging matter to the workplace

In this practical handbook, we explore ideas from workplace experience thought leaders about what thriving, diverse, and innovative workplaces look and feel like, and what makes them tick.

The essential guide to workplace compliance

This e-book explores why compliance matters and how workplace technology can you protect your people, places, and ideas.