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How enterprises can master the rise of distributed work

Not only did the pandemic blend the line between what is home and what is an office, but it also dispersed teams and coworkers geographically. Explore how your enterprise can take advantage of a distributed work model.

3 custom email templates to welcome workplace visitors

These custom email templates will make sure your visitors have a personalized and memorable experience at your workplace.

Why visitors are the answer to building a stronger workplace

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through the importance of visitors in driving a workplace community and why that matters.

Hybrid work weekly planner

Designing a hybrid work week takes planning. Check out our hybrid work weekly planner to learn how to organize your weekly planning tasks.

The workplace manager’s guide to planning hybrid work

Looking for a tool to help you plan hybrid work? Follow along with us and we’ll walk you through our tips for planning the ideal hybrid work week.

Keep up with the latest workplace insights

Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

Stay up to date

The essential candidate experience scorecard for onsite interviews

Want an easy way to get candidate feedback on your onsite interview process? Use this handy spreadsheet and survey and see how you score.

The 2022 workplace handbook to attract and retain talent

Whether you’re looking to attract and grow your workforce or build sustainable ways to retain your talented people, look no further than this ebook.

Your workplace platform evaluation checklist

Confused how to pick a workplace platform? Learn how to evaluate your current tech stack and find a workplace platform that helps your organization.