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Workplace ebooks

Deep dive into the latest workplace trends, tools, and best practices.

Survey: Enterprise executives say hybrid work is here to stay

To find out what employers think about the future of work, we surveyed 250 enterprise executives in the US on their return-to-office plans.

The space management spreadsheet for hybrid work

Use this template to prioritize, track, and communicate your space changes for hybrid work without hassle.

Space management tips for the hybrid workplace

Learn how effective space management can help you create a workplace that’s efficient, flexible, and a joy to visit.

Workplace technology trends: Predictions for 2030 and beyond

In this ebook, we explore the trends IT teams must focus on to support today’s employees in the workplace.

Executive summary: Envoy’s return to the workplace UK survey

Find out how UK employees feel about returning on-site and how a hybrid work model will improve the employee experience.

How to identify and solve workplace challenges in a hybrid work model

Learn how to anticipate and solve hybrid work challenges so you can help your people get the most out of this flexible work model.

The people-centric employee personas toolkit

Create employee personas that’ll keep your team focused on building experiences that keep your employees happy and productive.

How to build a people-centric workplace experience

Learn how to create a workplace experience that’s flexible and centered around the people who matter most: your employees.

Executive summary: Envoy’s return to the workplace survey

The future of work is hybrid, but not all executives are ready to commit. This summary will empower your leaders with important data to drive key return-to-work decisions