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Workplace ebooks

Deep dive into the latest workplace trends, tools, and best practices.

A guide to a hybrid workplace experience that works for everyone

With your leadership, you can guide your organization through its transition to hybrid work keeping workplace experience top of mind.

How workplace experience can transform the future of work

StudioID explores how facilities managers, technology leaders, and business stakeholders can leverage workplace experience.

Executive summary: How companies and employees differ over the return-to-office

When it comes to heading back to the workplace, how aligned are organizations and their people? Find out what we learned from two recent surveys.

Survey: Employees say the workplace is what makes hybrid work

How do people really feel about being back in the workplace? To find out, we asked 1,000 employees in the US about their return-to-office experience.

Executive summary: Envoy’s return to the workplace survey | H2 2021

In our most recent survey, we asked 1,000 employees in the US who have returned to the workplace how they feel about being back.

Survey: Enterprise executives say hybrid work is here to stay

To find out what employers think about the future of work, we surveyed 250 enterprise executives in the US on their return-to-office plans.

The space management spreadsheet for hybrid work

Use this template to prioritize, track, and communicate your space changes for hybrid work without hassle.

Space management tips for the hybrid workplace

Learn how effective space management can help you create a workplace that’s efficient, flexible, and a joy to visit.