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3 spaces your workplace needs to encourage people to come back

When you think of the workplace, what comes to mind? There’s no right answer. Some are open floor plan offices…

How hybrid work elevates the workplace experience manager’s role

Workplace experience managers wear many hats. We’ll go over the ones that are most important in a hybrid work environment and how to lean into these areas of responsibility.

3 reasons employee personas are a must-have tool for workplace teams

There’s a key to developing a people-centric workplace experience: employee personas. Learn how your workplace team can use personas to tailor your workplace to your people.

7 ways to help your employees be more productive at work

The workplace should be a center for people to move their work forward. Here’s how to unblock your people from the stuff that prevents them from churning out their best work.

How to set up hot desks for the flexible workplace

Envoy’s workplace technology manager Dana Stocking shares his tips on how to set up hot desking to create a more flexible workplace.

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How to improve the workplace experience for hybrid work

Companies need to re-architect the workplace experience for flexible work. Here are the three areas they should lean into to be successful.

How workplace neighborhoods foster safe collaboration

Workplace neighborhoods are areas of an office dedicated to specific departments, functions, or activity types.

Socially distant seating in the COVID-compliant workplace

Social distancing requires more than moving desks six feet apart or blocking off every other seat. Here’s your six step plan to set up socially distant seating from the experts at Density.