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Why people don’t want to leave their personal information at the front desk

Here’s how businesses can put guests at ease while still collecting the information they need to maintain workplace security.

The sign-in sheet is your office’s most overlooked security flaw

The sign-in sheet may seem like an innocent method for tracking guests, but it’s a security risk that exposes your visitor data and information.

What is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS)?

From visitor management to conference room management, workplace technology is moving to the cloud in a big way.

8 ways recruiters can uplevel the candidate experience using visitor management

The experience a candidate has in your workplace can be make or break when it comes to accepting the offer.

4 compliance management tips for IT Managers

How a visitor management system helps with compliance management.

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Why compliance matters to facility management

Facility management is the linchpin of any organization; the team is tasked with keeping the workplace comfortable, secure, and functioning.…

4 signs your visitor management solution needs a refresh

Lack of efficient processes and adequate workplace technology can result in a negative workplace experience. Let’s look at how this happens—and what to do to prevent it.

How to maximize your visitor management system

A visitor management system is so much more than a notification service. Here’s how to maximize the rollout.