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Envoy survey finds hybrid work improves mental health for UK workers

We surveyed 1,000 UK employees about experiencing burnout, workplace safety concerns, and attitudes toward hybrid work.

Access control and visitor management – more than just security

Access control industry expert Lee Odess explains why access control and visitor management systems cannot remain isolated utilities. In the end, access control and visitor management systems will become features of a much broader digital building operating system.

The sign-in sheet is your office’s most overlooked security flaw

The sign-in sheet may seem like an innocent method for tracking guests, but it’s a security risk that exposes your visitor data and information.

The smart workplace part 2: Building the office of the future

Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Tech at Envoy, discusses his approach to smart workplaces and how he brings new technology into the office.

The smart workplace part 1: Envisioning the office of the future

Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Tech at Envoy, discusses the importance of smart workplaces, the latest trends, and the evolving nature of office life.

Make a powerful impression after visitors sign in

Here are seven ways your front desk team can make a great impression after visitors sign in.

Cupcakes and customers: our recipe for strong relationships

See what it takes to deliver 2,049 boxes of cupcakes all over the world in order to cultivate strong customer relationships.

How we protect the data of our customers and their visitors

On a daily basis, we help over 10,000 offices keep their visitors’ information safe and secure from prying eyes. That’s our job—Envoy Visitors is a security and compliance service.

Welcoming visitors with improved emails

We’ve updated the messages Envoy sends your visitors to help answer their top questions and put them at ease before each visit.