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Employee sign-in [One-pager]

Use Envoy to schedule when employees can visit the office, confirm they’re healthy ahead of their visit, and keep a log of who’s in the office at any one time.

ITAR compliance [One-pager]

Maintaining ITAR compliance and adhering to its’ standards can require significant efforts, but with Envoy you have a trusted partner to help you meet your compliance needs. 99% of customers report that Envoy keeps their company compliant.

Workplace security [One-pager]

Get more value from the security systems you already use. Make security automatic by connecting Envoy to the tools that keep your workplace safe.

Envoy Rooms [One-Pager]

Use Envoy Rooms to easily find and book the right room, get data on space usage, and free up unused space so your teams can collaborate whenever and wherever.

The value of Envoy [One-pager]

With Protect, Visitors, Deliveries, and Rooms, Envoy lets you manage all the things that happen in your workplace from one single dashboard—and gives you the analytics and insights you need to make decisions and improvements to your space.

Keep up with the latest workplace insights

Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

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New: Smart features to keep your workplace safe

Last month, we announced Envoy Protect. Today, we’re pleased to announce even more new features and integrations that will help you strengthen workplace safety and security as you head back to the office.