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5 tips from a solutions engineer on how to make the most of your workplace platform

This pandemic has completely altered the way we work. After spending a year working from home, many people want their…

Return-to-work integrations powering the connected hybrid workplace

Without the right technology in place, the road to hybrid work will be bumpy. That’s why thousands of companies use…

Foster a flexible, productive workplace experience with Envoy +

Looking for a workplace catering solution? + Envoy is a simple and elegant way to take workplace experience to the next level.

How IT leaders can support a productive hybrid workplace

The flexibility, efficiency, and employee happiness generated by a hybrid work environment is only possible with the right technology in place.

Introducing workplace schedules: A new way for teams to plan when and how to work together

As much as people love the flexibility of remote work, they also miss working side by side with their co-workers…

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Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

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Planning ahead for the hybrid workweek

How can employees (and workplace teams) plan out the hybrid workweek?

Workplace platform [One pager]

Create a workplace where people want to be. Meet the workplace platform that makes life easier for everyone in your workplace.

Envoy for hybrid work [One pager]

Make hybrid work seamless. Create a safe, flexible workplace where teams thrive with Envoy’s workplace platform.