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One page: Envoy Rooms

Use Envoy Rooms to easily find and book the right room, get data on space usage, and free up unused space so your teams can collaborate whenever and wherever.

The value of Envoy [One-pager]

With Protect, Visitors, Deliveries, and Rooms, Envoy lets you manage all the things that happen in your workplace from one single dashboard—and gives you the analytics and insights you need to make decisions and improvements to your space.

The most-loved Envoy features that launched in 2020

In 2020, the world saw a monumental shift in where and how people work. For some, kitchen tables and unused…

Introducing new data retention options that put you in control

Finding the right balance between workplace health and safety and people’s privacy has never been more essential. There’s more pressure…

New: Smart features to keep your workplace safe

Last month, we announced Envoy Protect. Today, we’re pleased to announce even more new features and integrations that will help you strengthen workplace safety and security as you head back to the office. 

5 new ways to streamline office operations before you re-open

Inspired by our customers, we’re releasing new features designed to give you the confidence and control you need to welcome employees and visitors back to your workplace. 

The impact of coronavirus on the workplace in 6 charts

We analyzed visitor data across 13,000 global offices to determine the impact coronavirus has had on workplace activity and the economy as a whole.

8 ways recruiters can uplevel the candidate experience using visitor management

The experience a candidate has in your workplace can be make or break when it comes to accepting the offer.

Envoy Rooms makes room scheduling easier for everyone in your workplace

Envoy Rooms helps companies solve their room scheduling challenges and improve the workplace experience as a whole.