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Workplace platform [One pager]

Create a workplace where people want to be. Meet the workplace platform that makes life easier for everyone in your workplace.

Envoy for hybrid work [One pager]

Make hybrid work seamless. Create a safe, flexible workplace where teams thrive with Envoy’s workplace platform.

Why a platform will help companies reinvent the workplace for hybrid

Now’s the time to reinvent the workplace for hybrid work. How? With a connected workplace platform.

How to upgrade your visitor safety policy for 2021

Workplace safety has new meaning after a year like 2020. Not only for employees, but for visitors as well. Now is the time to upgrade your visitor safety policy for 2021.

Touchless sign-in [One-pager]

Going touchless makes sign-in safer, and allows your business to quickly adapt to enforce health and safety regulations. Create a frictionless check-in experience while giving your visitors, and employees, peace of mind.

Keep up with the latest workplace insights

Throughout the year, we’ll be revisiting the data and continuing conversations with workplace leaders through interviews, events, and webinars.

Stay up to date

Envoy for pharmaceuticals [One-pager]

Everything you need to keep your facilities, employees, and data safe and secure.

Envoy for retail [One-pager]

Envoy brings everything into a single platform and mobile app that’s easy to integrate with the tools you already use.

Envoy for manufacturing [One-pager]

No need to rework your workflows just to add a new tool. Envoy integrates seamlessly, helping you do more with the tools you already use.