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Touchless sign-in [One-pager]

Going touchless makes sign-in safer, and allows your business to quickly adapt to enforce health and safety regulations. Create a frictionless check-in experience while giving your visitors, and employees, peace of mind.

Envoy for pharmaceuticals [One-pager]

Everything you need to keep your facilities, employees, and data safe and secure.

Envoy for retail [One-pager]

Envoy brings everything into a single platform and mobile app that’s easy to integrate with the tools you already use.

Envoy for manufacturing [One-pager]

No need to rework your workflows just to add a new tool. Envoy integrates seamlessly, helping you do more with the tools you already use.

Envoy Desks [One-pager]

With Envoy Desks, you can empower your employees to reserve a desk to collaborate with teammates while keeping a safe distance in the office.

Envoy Protect [One-pager]

With Envoy Protect, you control who, and how many people can enter your workplace, so employees stay safe, healthy, and productive.

Employee sign-in [One-pager]

Use Envoy to schedule when employees can visit the office, confirm they’re healthy ahead of their visit, and keep a log of who’s in the office at any one time.

ITAR compliance [One-pager]

Maintaining ITAR compliance and adhering to its’ standards can require significant efforts, but with Envoy you have a trusted partner to help you meet your compliance needs. 99% of customers report that Envoy keeps their company compliant.

Workplace security [One-pager]

Get more value from the security systems you already use. Make security automatic by connecting Envoy to the tools that keep your workplace safe.