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Keep guests informed about important policies

Your team put lots of thoughtful time and effort into creating security and compliance policies to protect your visitors—but how many guests really get a chance to see and understand these policies? Let Envoy help you cover important site policies with every guest.

Ready to start clearly communicating your policies? Here’s how:

Get legal documents signed

Envoy makes it easy to ensure every guest signs your legal document, whether it’s a safety waiver, non-disclosure agreement, good manufacturing practices document, or anything else.

And with pre-registration, guests can sign your document before they even arrive, giving them more time to read and fully understand it. Learn more about legal document signing.

Highlight custom policies during sign-in

Beyond legal documents, it’s easy to show a variety of other security and compliance policies during the sign-in process.

Let guests review your data use policy

To support GDPR compliance efforts, let your guests review your data use policy before they sign in. Here’s how Envoy’s data policy disclosure feature works:

You’ll create a data use policy that outlines why you collect visitor data, how it’s stored, for how long, and any other details you choose.
You’ll enable the feature and add your policy in your Envoy settings.
This adds a small button to the Visitors kiosk that guests can tap to see your policy.

Learn more about data privacy features.

Play a safety video

If you require guests to watch a safety or site policy video, this typically requires mounting a TV or directing visitors to another room before they enter your site. But Envoy’s final screen feature streamlines this process by playing your video directly on the iPad.

Plus, it’s easy to customize video settings based on a guest’s purpose of visit. For example, a facility may want to show their safety video to guests touring their manufacturing plant, but not to guests who are only visiting the office. Learn more about adding a video to your sign-in flow.

Show an evacuation map

The final screen can also be customized to show any image—which is perfect for ensuring that guests see an evacuation map. You can also enable the “Email me this info” button, which lets guests send themselves a copy of the image they see during sign-in. Learn more about adding an image to your sign-in flow.

Review written site policies

Lastly, the final screen can be used to display any text document. That means this feature can be customized to show site policies, good manufacturing practices, or other documentation that needs to be read before entering your location.

Like the video or image, these can be customized per visitor type and you can provide guests with the option to send the text to themselves for future reference. Learn more about adding text policies to your sign-in flow.

Send important policies in advance

With Envoy’s pre-registration feature, you can send an invite email to any guest before their visit. By default, these emails include helpful information like their meeting time, host name, your address, and a map to your location.

You can further customize the invite email to include any details you want. Link to your safety video, add an image showing evacuation routes, provide custom text, or all of the above.

Bonus: The invite email is also a great way to remind visitors of any specific security or compliance requirements you have—like bringing their government issued ID or wearing closed toe shoes.

Learn more about pre-registration or editing your invite email.