Bring your brand experience to the lobby and beyond

From clients to contractors and interviewees to investors, it’s crucial that you always put your best foot forward. And when you showcase your brand, you let these important guests know that you take pride in your company—all the way down to the details.

Ready to start showing off your brand at sign-in? Here’s how:

Customize your sign-in kiosk design

Since visitors sign in on the iPad, take the opportunity to provide a brand touchpoint right when they arrive. With Envoy’s welcome screen features, you have full control over how your sign-in kiosk looks. Read on to discover your options, or learn more in our Help Center.


Show your logo front and center
When you upload a logo in Envoy, it will automatically appear on a white background on your sign-in kiosk. Envoy even picks a matching accent color to use for buttons and details. There’s no going wrong with this clean look!

Display a custom image or GIF
If you want to add a little flair to your welcome screen, the welcome image feature makes it easy. This feature lets you add a different design, helpful text, or a fun GIF.

Note: Be sure you still have a standard logo uploaded as your logo within Envoy. It will appear other places throughout your account.

Change your background color
If you want your logo or welcome image to appear on a colored background, the background color feature can help. Simply pick a new color, and watch your kiosk get an instant upgrade.

Create a custom, full screen slideshow
The slideshow feature lets you add up to 10 full screen photos or images to your welcome screen. If you add one, it will appear static. But if you add more than one, they rotate to display all images. Plus, you can choose whether you’d like to display your logo or a welcome image on top of your slideshow or just keep it simple.

Mix and match features
Here’s where things really get fun. Media brand POPSUGAR has a great example. They’ve uploaded a white transparent PNG as their welcome image and displayed it over a full screen slideshow image for a modern, eye-catching look.

Add branding to visitor badges

There are a couple ways you can add branding to your badges. When using white badges, you can choose to print your logo along with the visitor information, or you can add a color logo and design with our full color custom badges.


Print your logo in black and white
If you’re using Envoy’s plain white badges or standard Brother brand badges, you can display a black and white version of your logo on the badge. Your logo will print along with the visitor information when the guest signs in.

Custom color badges
Envoy’s custom badges come pre-printed with your color logo or fully custom design. They cost $30 for a roll of 200 badges and you can order them from

Custom badges not only add a little wow factor to sign-in, they help keep your office more secure, too. Since you can only get your custom badges by signing in at your front desk, you’ll know any visitors who don’t have a custom badge are not authorized to be on site.

Automatically send branded communications

But Envoy doesn’t just help you add branding in the lobby—it can help you provide an end to end branded experience for all of your visitors.

Pre-registration email
When you pre-register a guest, you can choose to send them a pre-registration email. This email contains their meeting details, your address, a map, and any custom text and instructions you choose. The pre-registration email also automatically displays your logo and accent color, so you’ll start making a good brand impression before guests even arrive.

Legal document receipt
Envoy generates a digital copy of every legal document your guests sign. These PDFs automatically display your logo at the top, so your legal documents look like they’re on professional letterhead. Envoy even emails a copy of the signed document to your guest automatically, so they always have a record of their visit.