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Are office taboos still taboos? Data shows executives are much more understanding

The office do’s and don’ts have changed over the last few years. But employees are still nervous about negative perceptions from execs.

How office hoteling software can improve the workplace experience

By providing a flexible way to reserve work spaces, you can help employees make the most out of their work day.

Do US offices suffer from proximity bias? Our data says it’s a problem

96% of US executives admit to noticing the work of employees coming into the office more than remote work.

What is employee experience and why is it important?

A positive employee experience can foster strong company culture and drive business objectives.

All you need to know to impress these 5 common visitor types

A custom experience can help your visitors feel special and welcome in your workplace. Here are 5 common visitor types and what they expect out of their visit.

What is a hybrid workforce and how to create a culture that supports them

What is a hybrid culture? And why do 54% of employees around the world feel overworked? We’ll explain how to build a sustainable culture for a hybrid workforce.

How to use data to improve the visitor experience

Visitor data can inform you of how to improve your visitor management process and more. Start by asking these 5 questions to learn how to improve your visitor management.

6 best practices for creating a great visitor experience

Get six helpful tips to ensure your visitors have a memorable and positive experience at your workplace.