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9 types of workplace threats to prepare for in 2021

Workplace security threats are inevitable. In a recent Forrester survey, 100% of companies said they suffered at least one critical event in the past 24 months. Here are 9 common workplace threats your company should prepare for.

How workplace neighborhoods foster safe collaboration

Workplace neighborhoods are areas of an office dedicated to specific departments, functions, or activity types.

What is hot desking and why does your office need it now?

Hot desking is a flexible setting arrangement where employees can reserve a desk for the day. If this concept is new to you, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to break down what hot desking is—and why your office needs it now.

The latest Envoy Protect features you need to reopen safely

Envoy has released new data-rich reports and features that help workplace leaders make more confident decisions to welcome employees to your office safely.

10 important tools to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19

With offices around the world gearing up to reopen amid a global pandemic, workplace leaders are searching for solutions to help keep their employees and their spaces safe. Here are 10 types of tools you need to keep your workplace safe during COVID-19.

How to manage workplace capacity during a health crises

To keep up with the new rules of welcoming employees to the office, you’ll have to manage how many employees enter your space each day. Wrestling with how to do that? We’ve got some advice for you!

6 steps to create a touch-free arrival to the workplace

There’s a lot you can do before your employees and guests arrive to make the experience frictionless. Here are 6 steps you should be taking to create a touchless entrance to your workplace.

5 types of touchless technology to use throughout your workplace

Until recently, we didn’t think twice about touching door handles, elevator buttons, or sign-in kiosks on our way to work. But the world’s changed and workplace leaders are looking to touchless technology. Here are the five types of touchless tech you need to know.

New: Smart features to keep your workplace safe

Last month, we announced Envoy Protect. Today, we’re pleased to announce even more new features and integrations that will help you strengthen workplace safety and security as you head back to the office.