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Madison Stein

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New data from workplace leaders reveals a big shift toward hybrid work

Envoy surveyed 800+ workplace leaders to get a pulse check on how companies are approaching the shift to hybrid work.

Hot new Desks features for the hybrid workplace

We’re thrilled to announce that Envoy Desks is officially out of beta and full of new features for hybrid workplaces

Hot desk summer: what your desk choice says about you

What’s this summer’s hottest workplace accessory? No, not a company-branded mask (those are so 2020). It’s your hot desk. 

A hybrid work Q&A with Lionsgate’s Heather Somaini

We sat down with Lionsgate’s Chief Administrative Officer, Heather Somaini, to pick her brain about how to enable a hybrid workforce.

Planning ahead for the hybrid workweek

How can employees (and workplace teams) plan out the hybrid workweek?

Your 5 step preparedness plan for any workplace threat

With the right plan in place, your organization can prepare for any workplace threat. Here are the five steps to creating a workplace preparedness strategy.

4 key benefits of having a workplace preparedness plan

Here are four benefits of having a preparedness strategy for any workplace threat or incident.

How to upgrade your visitor safety policy for 2021

Workplace safety has new meaning after a year like 2020. Not only for employees, but for visitors as well. Now is the time to upgrade your visitor safety policy for 2021.

9 types of workplace threats to prepare for in 2021

Workplace security threats are inevitable. In a recent Forrester survey, 100% of companies said they suffered at least one critical event in the past 24 months. Here are 9 common workplace threats your company should prepare for.