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The four big stats that summarize how people feel about returning to work

We commissioned Wakefield Research to survey 1,000 U.S. full and part-time employees to gauge how they feel about returning to their workplaces. We found that most people (73%) are worried about returning, yet 94% want to spend at least one day a week in their office.

The four questions you need to ask in your employee health screening

We’ve identified the top four questions Envoy customers ask in their health checks, then discuss why these questions are important and how they correspond to CDC and ADA guidelines.

Protect your employees from COVID-19 with these 5 tips

Whether your workplace is open or you’re planning how to open your doors, take note of these industry leaders’ tips on protecting your employees from COVID-19.

The right way to do contact tracing as an employer

You can take an active role to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among your employees by creating a contact tracing program within your offices. Here’s how to build a plan that keeps your employees healthy, protects their privacy, and saves your team time.

The new rules for welcoming employees into your office

Keeping your workplace safe means asking your employees the right questions before they come into the office. Knowing more about an employee’s health status and office plans can help you get ahead of any issues.

5 new ways to streamline office operations before you re-open

Inspired by our customers, we’re releasing new features designed to give you the confidence and control you need to welcome employees and visitors back to your workplace. 

How to create a stellar visitor experience when you’re both remote

Here are some ways you can adapt the top-notch visitor experience you provide in the physical workplace to office guests remotely.

ICYMI: Everything we added to Envoy in 2019

We’ve rounded up the most exciting new features and updates that came to Envoy Visitors and Deliveries in 2019.