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Anna Schmitt

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Streamline sign-in for your busy lobby

No matter what type of sign-in process you have, things can get hectic when lots of visitors arrive at once. But with a few simple tips, you can help your front desk be prepared and avoid the front desk traffic jam.

Bring your brand experience to the lobby and beyond

From clients to contractors and interviewees to investors, it’s crucial that you always put your best foot forward. And when you showcase your brand, you let these important guests know that you take pride in your company—all the way down to the details.

Keep guests informed about important policies

Your team put lots of thoughtful time and effort into creating security and compliance policies to protect your visitors—but how many guests really get a chance to see and understand these policies?

Guest badges are for more than just names

Many regulations, including ITAR, FSMA, and PCI DSS, have detailed requirements around visitor badges. Let Envoy help.

Envoy is the only Visitor Management System to be SOC 2 certified

You need to protect what’s important to your business. Envoy can give you the confidence to enhance your workplace security while continuing to provide an incredibly smooth, effortless experience.

Best practices for data privacy: GDPR and beyond

Suggestions to improve data privacy and visitor experience using Envoy, whether you’re re-evaluating how you approach data protection or thinking through it for the first time.

Announcing new data privacy features to support your GDPR compliance

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect on May 25, we’re excited to announce that our new features for data privacy are now available to all of our customers.

Create sign-out policies that work for your workplace

Sign-out often gets overlooked, but can be truly powerful when you put it to work in your office.

Know more about who comes through the door

The first step to protecting your team and property? Knowing who’s on site.